As a pastor I pay cost attention to movements in the church world, even more so in the Pentecostal church world. One thing that concerns me is the lack of teaching and preaching that is taking place on the Holy Spirit. As we look across the church horizon we see that many churches have traded the power of the Holy Spirit for the acceptance of men. We have traded the power of Pentecost for being politically correct. Pastor talk more about being culturally relevance than they do about being Holy Ghost filled. The house of God has turned into a Coffee shop, and the pulpit into the family den. Now don’t get me wrong, I understand that the method of delivering our message has to change with the times, but have we worked so hard to break away from the traditional that we have thrown the baby out with the bath water.
I am a wide open, on fire ten miles from water preacher. That is who I am, I believe that God has anointed me to preach the Gospel with passion, to loose those that are in prison (spiritual, physically, and emotionally). In the ministry that God has allowed me to be a part of I have seen many people delivered from all kinds of addictions and sin. I have witnessed as God has delivered drug addicts, sex addicts, alcoholic and many more from their addictions. I have seen God cure cancer, heart disease, brain tumors and many more things, and the one thing that has been in all of these is the power of the Holy Spirit. In every case there was a move of God that stirred the hearts of men and women, and through that brought them to an altar where God moved in their lives. My prayer is that the power of the Holy Spirit will become real to each and everyone of you.


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