Yesterday I had to attend the funeral of my Grandmother. She was a great lady. As I stood there at the grave side I begin to remember all the memories that I had of her growing up, and I realized that the world could use more people like my Grandmother. Never in all the years that I knew her did I ever hear her speck a bad word about another person. She worked hard everyday, even days when she didn’t feel like working. If someone came to house they were going to be welcomed and they were going to be fed a lot of food. She loved her family, and made sure that they knew every time she saw them. She was strong but meek all at the same time. She was always the first person up in the morning and usually the last one to go to bed at night. She never wanted anyone to go out of their way for her, but went out of her way for everyone else. I never saw her act selfishly, and I never saw her lose her temper. She was a lady in every way. She was strong willed but was submissive all at the same time. I remember setting at the table eating breakfast one morning. My Paw was sitting at his end of the table and my Grandmother at the other end. She was getting on to him for not doing what she thought he should have already done, when my meek quiet Paw looked up and simply said Sue (that wasn’t her name to anyone but him) that is enough. It was in that moment that I saw her submissive side as she simply dropped the subject. She was a strong woman and she let her opinion be known, but she also knew when a person should let things go. Mary Norris was a person that we all can learn from and the World is going to miss her, I am going to miss her.


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