What is God’s Will? This is a question that everyone ask in one way or another at some point in life. Through different periods of our life we ask what is right for me, should I take this job or should I stay where I am? Should I get married or should I stay single? Should I retire or should I work a couple of more years? Questions that have a great impact on our life. You in the church have heard it preached that God has the answers but the question is how do you know what those answers are?

To know the will of God there are two things that you have know: first you have to know the Permanent will of God. These are the things that God has will to happen that nothing will change. Ex. the second coming of Jesus is known by God and when He is ready for it to take place it will happen. To know God’s will you have to be mindful of what He is up to in this world. Second you have to know the Moral will of God. This is what does God expect from you. You will never know the will of God for your personal life if you are living outside the Moral will of God. God’s personal will for your life lies somewhere between His Permanent will and His moral will and the more you know about those then then more you can discern what God has for you. Finding the will of God is about knowing God. For more infomation on this subject you can go to the South Decatur Church website and listen to


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