That’s right studies show that 82% of the friends and family that church members ask to church will attend church services if they are just ask to come. What a number, I mean that is saying that if I ask 10 of my non-church friends to come to church that over 8 of them will say yes and will come. When I saw that number I had to ask myself why is the church not full. I mean if 8 out of 10 people will come if only asked to then why isn’t every pew filled up every week. The answer is because the church quit asking. We use to be good about inviting people to church but now days we have stopped. Maybe it is because we are so busy that we have failed to make close friends outside of the church. If that is the case then we should work harder to making sure that we know people that don’t go to church. Maybe it is because we just don’t want to do it, or we don’t want people to see us in the church environment. The fact of the matter is that the church stopped trying to bring people into the house of God and if we are ever going to see the church grow then we have to begin to share the good news with non-church going friends and family. So get out there and invite someone to church this week.


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