For the last several months I have been asking myself the question, What does the true Church suppose to look like? What is it that God see when He see the true Church? I have been sharing with my Wednesday night small group some of the discovery that I have had. Thoughts such as:
(1) The True Church is about being a Contributor not a Consumer.
In this Consumer driven society that we live in we find where many people have come with that same attitude to the church. They want to know what the church can do for them. What does the church have to offer me and my family? What can I expect from the church? If I become a member then what do I get in return? Sometimes I wonder if the church should advertise free toaster oven for every new member. I mean when the church become about us. I understand this if someone is not a follower of Christ. We want them to consume what we have because they need Jesus but for those that claim to have a relationship with Him there is something wrong. The church does exist for us but rather we exist for the world that needs Jesus. As members of the church we should be looking to contribute to the welfare of this world by sharing Jesus no matter what the cost.
(2) I has discovered that the church is a dangerous place. The message and presence of Jesus is the most dangerous that the status quo can run into. Because in the presence of Jesus there must be change. When confronted with the message of Jesus there is a call for change. The church is suppose to be a place where people are changing, and being transformed into the image of Christ. The church is not suppose to be a safe place where when you step in it is as if you have walked into a time warp and are back 50 ago. It is a place where change is happening and where people are maturing and growing in Christ everyday.
(3) The Church is suppose to be place of life and death. A place where Jesus is alive in everything that we do and the flesh is dying. A place where it is so important that everybody is happy but that Jesus is happy. A place that is not controlled by the will of men but the will of God. A place that is ruled by faith, where love is the answer, and where mercy is freely given. A place where people can always find the truth even when the truth is not popular. A place where Jesus is being lifted up in everything that is done.

These are the things I have discovered about the true church. There are more but time does not allow me to discuss them all.


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