In a day where everyone wants to have an identity so bad have we missed out on being the church that we should be. I mean we hear people say I go to a traditional church, or I pastor a contemporary church, or we go to a modern church experience. Even within denomination we see where church have identified themselves as being a particular styles of church. I have seen churches that have advertised that they really didn’t want anyone over a certain ages to attend their church, and all of us know of churches where the average age is over retirement. As a young minister I use to fuss about the older people not bending but wanting everything their way, but now I find as I have gotten a little older that the young are just as stubborn thinking there way is new and that it is better. The truth is there is nothing new under the sun. The question remains is it possible to have a 1 Corinthians 9:22 church, a church “where we are all things to all people, that we might reach some.”

 I believe that is the church that God would have us to  be in 2008. A church that hasn’t forgotten it’s past and tradition but at the same time is looking forward and acting on it’s future. A church that has something for every age group. Many would say that a church should focus on one thing and I agree but I believe that one thing should be winning as many people to Jesus as possible no matter what their age. In other for that to happen there must be a variety of ministries, styles of worship, and discipleship going on within the church. Maybe the New Testament church was having church ever night so that they could meet the needs of different people within society. Now I am not suggesting that we have church every night but I am suggesting that a church can do church more than one way and be successful at both.

 At South Decatur we have begun a Saturday Night Worship Experience that is different than anything we have ever done before. It is cutting edge worship, casual dress, media friendly, and exciting. We did not add the service because of overflow or so that our members could come to another service but we added it so that we could draw a whole new crowd of people into the house of God. Our Sunday morning is still filled with Praise/Worship, Choir Singing and excitement which attaches a different kind of people and Sunday Night is more evangelistic in it’s nature. We are trying to be “all things to all people” and hopefully we can reach some.


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