Throughout life we will experience times of favor and times of famine. If you have lived for God any length of time you find that there are times when both favor and famine operate within your life at the same time, almost like a paradox that is happening within you. One area of your life is experience a time of great favor but another area is in a famine. You job is great and things couldn’t be better but your marriage is in a famine and suffering. The truth is that there is no way that you can keep famines out of your life but you can learn how to operate within the famine and not only survive these times of famine but thrive in the desert moments. So how do we thrive through the famines of life.

(1) Don’t see life through a narrow lense                                                                                              Just because you are in the mist of a famine doesn’t mean that you will be in this place forever. So many times we become to dramaitic when trouble comes  and make statements like “my life is over” or “everything is so terrible” but the truth is this is only a moment of time. Your life hasn’t always been bad and it will not alway be bad, becasue famines come to an end. if you are a child of God you are living in the favor of the Lord and sooner of later if you stand faithful God will bring you through the famine back into a place of favor. You have to live by faith and know that this is just a season, a moment in time. and like all seasons one past so another one can begin. Sooner or later Winter will give way to Spring.

(2) Don’t use all your favor at Once

So many people in our society have never learned the art of saving. Of putting some back for a “rainy day”. But if you are going to survive the famine then you have to put back when you are in seasons of favor. There is a great example of this in the Old Testament where Joseph is brought before Pharaoh to interprete a dream that he has had. Joseph communicates that the dream means there will be seven years of favor and seven years of famine. What is amazing about the account in Genesis is that Joseph goes on to advise the King to use the seven years of favor against the seven years of famine. Joseph said if we put some back during the seven years of favor then we can survive and thrive during the seven years of famine that will follow. If you understand the principle of saving then you can survive anything that life throws at you. You will never get drunk off the highs of life nor will you die over the lows. There has to be balance throughout your life.

(3) Experience can be the Best Teacher if you Listen

 Joseph understood the principle because he had lived it. He was the favorite son, then he was sold into bondage. He rose to be the head of Potipher’s house then he was falsely accused and sent to prison. He became head of the prison only to be forgotten by the ones he had helped. Joseph knew what it was like to be high and to be low and how fast one can become the other. Those lessons in life taught him how to keep his balance. The troubles of your past will help you with the famines of your future. Life experience is the greatest thing that you can have. The experiences will build your faith, your stamina, and your resolve.

 There will always be famine but it is how we act in the seasons of favor that will determining how we make it through the famines.


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