Here is a question, is this an unreachable society? I mean I hear a lot of ministers today saying things like, “people are hard hearted more today”, “people don’t care about God”, and “people want listen”. As we study the Bible we see where the Apostle Paul talked about our time when he said “that in the last days perilous times would come” 2 Timothy 3:1. But does this mean that as ministers of the gospel that we have no effect preaching the gospel. I mean is it impossible to reach people? Is it harder for us today than it was in days gone by? Has the world become so religious that the gospel has no effect on them?

  The truth of the matter is why we are ministers sit around talking about how hard it is we are losing perspective on the fact that we have the great news that has ever been told. There is no doubt that people have become hard hearted but as the people of God we have to be more determined than ever to make sure that we do what ever it takes to bring the gospel to them. So how do we reach people with the gospel?

Commitment and Stability

People are looking for stability, something that will last and something that is going to stick around when things get tough. In many churches across America we have such a turn over in leadership within the church that it is hard for us to teach the stability of Jesus when they don’t see it in the church. I mean people come to church and before they can get involved there is a leadership change or a pastor has moved from something bigger and supposedly better. We are preaching people need to commit while we are making plans to move on. How can we be effective in this ever changing climate? Well Paul said “in all things I have learn to be content”. Finding a way to be content where I am doing what I am doing, as long as I know that it is the will of God for my life is vital to success in any ministry. I can only lead people into a place that I am willing to go.

Longsuffering and Compassion

The days of placing a tent in the field or just having a revival service and people come running are all but over. In today’s society people want to know more and they expect more. John Maxwell says to be a good leader “people don’t care how much you know until first they know how much you care”. Reaching people today is a marathon not a spree. You have to work with them and sometimes be longsuffering. Dealing with people is not the easiest thing in the world to do and yet it is the most rewarding. People are difficult because they come to you with all kinds of problems and troubles and you have to deal with those issues in order to reach them with the gospel. As a minister we have to realize that many people are hurting and have been for a long time and it is our task to reach out to them and help them heal those hurts so that they can live a full life for Christ.

Boldness through the Holy Spirit

Today people want to hear the truth. They want something that is real and something that is powerful. The only way that we can give them that is be specking the truth through the power of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is what gives us the power to speck words that will break bondages in the lives of people. Without the Spirit of God we do not have the ability to reach people and bring them to a knowledge of the Lord.

 Are we living in a hard hearted society? No doubt. Is it hopeless? Never, as long as the Spirit of God is on our side then we can reach people. The church must become as stubborn about reaching people as the world is about keeping them.


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