Sunday night Bishop Nassan Ibraham spoke to us on the power of prayer, and it was awesome. If you were not here you really or to download the message off the website . The message got me to thinking just how much we pray. I mean we all talk about we need to pray, but very few people ever take the time to really pray. The point that really stuck with me is that Jesus the Son of God, the maker of the universe, the one that was God Himself had to pray. If Jesus had to pray then surely I have to pray. I mean He is Jesus. Yet so many in the church really have a hard time understanding the command that God gave about prayer. Now you may ask how do you know so many people have a hard time with prayer? Well call for a prayer service and see how many people show up. In all of our services during the week (we have six) the Monday Night Prayer service is always the smallest crowd of people. What would happen if the church really started praying? What would happen in our community? In our families? Hopefully one day we will know.


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