Hey Everyone!

 I just wanted to say that we had our first Door-Keepers dinner last night, and it was a great success. We had 31 people at the dinner, which included 13 guest, 16 door-keepers, and 3 workers. Sister Bonnie and the ladies did a great job in making sure that everything was special and that every person felt special as well. The food was great and the conversation was even better. I must say that I have been praying and thinking of this event for a long time and was nervous because I really wanted it to go off well, and he went off perfect. I believe this is going to be an event that we can use to build our church, and let people know that we love and care for them. If you wonder what the dinner is then let me take a moment to explain.

 Every so often (preferably every month) we have a dinner and invite all the guest that we have had for that month. We also invite a church couple (door-keepers) to come and sit with this couple. The DKs are to fellowship and make a connection with the couple, find out things about them, and answer any questions they may have. This dinner is not about promoting the church or ministries. It is all about the guest. The dinner is done in fine fashion with good food, real plates, glasses, and silverware. The ladies at a great touch in that they serve each person. Once the dinner is over the DKs become the sponsor to the couple that they sit with. If they see them in church they make sure they speck to them, sit with them, and fellowship with them for the next 30 days. Through this we hope to connect people to the church. We want people to make as many connections as possible. That is why we never invite people that are kin to the guest or the persons that invited them to church in the first place, unless the guest request. Our goal is to help them to connect with new people and get to know people in the church that they do not know.

 If you are interested in being a part of this ministry then see Greg Chapman after any service.


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