I don’t know about anyone else but 2008 has been a very busy year for me personally. First, I have been trying to finish my graduate degree and that has been a challenge. Second, my oldest daughter got married in June and for you father you know what kind of time that is. And then on there was all the church stuff, like growth and a new building that we are trying to build. The truth is that I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

  This has been a great year for me and the church, it is amazing how one goes so closely to the other. At South Decatur we have seen a great year of growth and prosperity. The Lord has done so much for us in this year and we are so excited because we really believe that there is so much more to come in 2009. We have come a point where we are ready to build our new facility and we are believing that God is going to provide us with all that we need to complete the project. We have seen records broken here at the church, such as our tithe record. We are going to have the most productive year in our history. Our LIFE Night (Wed) has broken attendance records along with our youth. Our choir has growth in number and in performance. We are completing the first discipleship class and will be moving the student into active ministry in 09. God has been really good to us and we give Him all the praise. 

  It is exciting to see what has happen but even though we look back with joy we look forward with anticipation of what God is going to do in 09. We believe the best is yet to come and like the great missionary William Carey said “We Expect great things from God: And we will Attempt Great things for God”. 

  Merry Christmas to all of you and a very Happy New Year


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