Everyone gets there heart broken, it is just a way of life. No matter how much we try to protect ourselves we can’t stop it from happening. But what happens when it happens in ministry? I mean we are not immune from being hurt just because we are doing the right thing, or even involved in ministry. What happen when the people that we loved, trusted, and served do things that hurt us and break out heart? I have a very good friend that is going through this right now. He did the right thing, he worked and served, but in the end was hurt by someone he respected. I don’t know the whole story, and I know that there may be more to it, but the truth of the matter is that it does matter, my friend is hurt and that hurt is allowing the enemy to drive a wedge in his heart. I mean let’s be honest as ministers in any form (at South Decatur ever member is a ministry or should be) we say that it is all about God, but the actions and words of people can hurt, they can break our hearts. So what do we do when that kind of hurt comes against us?

First we have to realize that what the Apostle Paul tells us, “We fight not against flesh and blood”. We are fighting the enemy and it is an all our war. We have to realize the enemy will do everything that he can to isolate us and make us feel that the this is the end. The truth our steps are ordered by the Lord no matter where we are in life. He has this under control.

Second, taking a line from a movie “when you get tangled up just tango on”. Sometimes you just have to keep going. Paul said “I press to the mark”. We are going to have tough times and yes people are going to let us down but we can’t allow that to stop us.

Third, we have to remember what we preach. It is easy to preach and teach about move forward but it is quit another thing to actually have to live it. We have to remember that God has called us and that calling does not go away just because things have changed.

Fourth and lastly we have to examine our own life , pray, forgive and let it go. Hurt is like poison it will kill you. We can stop from being hurt but if we are not careful then hurt will turn to bitterness and that will lead to anger and sin. We have to realize we can’t change things and we have to live in the new reality that is our life.

A broken heart is never a easy thing to deal with but it happens and we all to deal with it. But the calling of God must go on because there are people that are in need of Jesus and we can’t quit.


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