I’m just kidding for all my students of the church. Well maybe not. If you church is like South Decatur as soon as spring break gets here everyone is on the road. I mean in February the church was packed and there was not a parking space to be found, and then spring break. The first opportunity for vacation, the first time of the year that people get the itch to go some where other than home. Now I know that everyone deserves a vacation and everyone needs to get away from time to time, I just wish they would wait until Monday. Monday is the best traveling day of the week, lol.

¬†Because of this fact I am for year round school that way the vacation would be spread out more. Also I want different schools to get out at different times that way everyone doesn’t go at once. I mean come on that is not asking to much is it. If it is going to happen couldn’t we do something for the churches for a change. But this will probably never happen and us pastor will have to go through another summer where pockets of our congregation will be out there living the good life. I just pray that they are in church somewhere. Remember you don’t have to leave early Sunday come and leave after church, everyone will be eating Sunday dinner and you can have the roads to yourself.


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