2 Chronicles 16:9 says “For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him.”

What an awesome thought that is to think that God is moving through out the world looking for people that He can show Himself to. I mean the God of the universe that made the stars, and the planets is looking for people that He can come to and reveal His glory to. The question we have to ask is what does it take for us to become that person that has a heart that is perfect toward him?

  Jesus said the congregation on the mount, “Those that hunger and thrist after righteousness shall be filled”. James said that if we “draw nigh unto God; He would draw nigh unto us”.In Exodus 33 we see where Moses is asking God to let him know Him in a greater way. In his hunger to know God more personally he provokes a response from God and God tells him there is a place beside me. David in Psalms 91 calls it a secret place where we dwell under the shadow of the almighty. The things is that when we are hungry for more of God then He always responses. Because the truth is that God wants to reveal Himself to His people. He longs to bless us and He longs to fellowship with us, but the problem is that we have lost our hunger to know Him. In a society where we have very little want we have come to be content with the little amount of God we know. The truth is that desperation is what brings us closer to God. When we are desperte to know Him and want nothing else then He will come to where we are and work on our behalf.

May we regain our hunger for God.


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