P1010121I was on vacation in Flordia last week with my family. One morning as I stood on the balcony of our seventeen floor condo I look out over the ocean and begin to think of how beautiful it was. I begin to think about what the land must have looked like before people came on the scene. I mean before malls, hotels, resturants, and all the other little shops that filled the beachfront. I mean have you ever just stepped back and look at the beautiful world that God created. I mean we celebrate the sixth chapel that was paint by Micheal Angelo but the great master piece of all times is the world that we live in. I mean it cause me to realize that God is not just strong and mighty but He is a God of beauty and creativity. Looking at the colors of the ocean, and the white sand that came to it, and all the tree that would have surrounded it. When you see it then you realize that God is an awesome God.

  Then I realized that God did all of this for us. So that we could enjoy the beauty of this world, and we could live in a glorious place and be surrounded by all of God’s creation. When you look at all that God has done it causes an awe to come over you, and you realize, He truly is a GREAT GOD.


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