In Genesis 1:26 God says “Let us make man in our own image”. Now it is here that we understand who man was and who we are today. When God declared this He was not saying that man would have blue eyes or brown hair, but what God was saying is that man would be made a triune being just as God is. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit are three but they work in total unity in the Godhead that they are one. In the workings of the Godhead there is a pattern that we see throughout the Bible. The Father wills, the Son reveals, and the Holy Spirit acts. The Father willed salvation, the Son revealed salvation, and the Spirit acts to bring salvation into the hearts of men. Each works in total harmony with one another.

  In the same way God created man. We are made up of three, Spirit, Soul (intellect, emotions), and body (flesh). Just as with God we were created to work in total harmony. Our Spirit wills, our soul reveals, and our body acts. That is the way that Adam and Eve functioned in the garden. In this harmony there was no worry, there was no doubt, and there was no fear. Then sin came into the picture and all of the sudden the harmony that man was created to be in was interrupted. Order was broken. Now the flesh had taken control and was making the decisions. The flesh willed, the Soul still revealed, and then the flesh acted. The Spirit was dead and had no part in the process. All of the sudden the flesh began to allow everything into the soul of man, worry, fear, doubt, and even death. So now rather than being in the image of God we have become something else, incomplete, out of harmony.

  The flesh was never meant to rule man. Think of this, the soul and the spirit are the only things that you have that are eternal, the flesh will die. No matter what we do or how well we take care of ourselves the flesh will one day return from the dust from whence it came. The flesh is temporary where the soul and the spirit are not. And we are allowing the thing that is temporary to make the decision in our lives. Rather than being lead by the spirit that protects our soul and flesh we are lead by the flesh that only seek to please it self. Jesus died so that the order of man could be placed right again. In accepted salvation and allowing the Holy Spirit to come into our lives we once again are set right in the image of God. Who is making the decision for you?


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