backtochurch1All this month we are working hard at South Decatur on our “Back to Church Campaign”. Many people that once were in the church have fallen out of church and we are making an effort to get them back into God’s house. Fallen out of church is not a hard thing to do. Miss a service here, and a another therre and then next thing you know it becomes easier and easier to come up with an excuse why not to go. With all of the things going on in our world today and with the busy lives that most families have, going to church doesn’t seem to be a priority in many peoples lives. People that once were working in the church and a major part of what was going on, now find themselves separated from the church all together.

 Is going to church important anymore? Do we  have to go to church to be saved? Hebrews 12:4 tells us ” Forsake not the gathering of yourselves together but even the more as you see that day approaching”. If a man told you that he was a ball player but you never seen him at the park then you would think he was lying to you. If a husband never went home it wouldn’t be long before he would find out that he did not have a home to go to. Our relationship with God doesn’t depend on any other but to walk in the will of God then we need other people. The church is a place where we are lifted up and it is a place where we can do the work that God has called us to do. Going to church should not be a burden but it should be an uplifting experience where we are with a community of believers. One of the thing that excites me more than any other at South Decatur is the openess that we have to new people and the family environment that the church has. Our desire is to see more people become a part of our family. If you haven’t been to church in a while then come and join us this week and just give it a try. That is all we ask.


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