Now before you think, “What is pastor saying?” just hear me out. So many churches today that were birthed out of the fire, and can trace their roots to a time when the Holy Spirit ran the show, have changed. Not so much in appearance, but in something deeper and something that is much more alarming. Now I know there are some that would argue that the Pentecostal church can’t be what it was twenty or even ten years ago but that it has to come into the future. They say that gone are the days of shouting, dancing, and people falling out around the altars. That the church has become more educated now and that we have learned how to worship God in a deeper level. So somewhere along the way we traded Hammond organs for smoke machines, and the Hymnals for movie screens. The pastor got rid of his suit and bought a pair of blue jeans and a stool where he can sit and teach the word, because the days of the old Pentecostal preacher have gone. But where is the Holy Spirit in this? Has He been left out because He is just not yep enough to come to this type of church. 

  On the other side of the isle you have those that think nothing should change and that the church should  be stuck in a time warp of 1970 forever. They don’t embrace any change and find themselves being left out and becoming more and more irrelevant in an ever changing world. So what is the answer, how do we embrace change without leaving the Spirit of God out of the church. 

  You see I was not born into a Pentecostal family but rather join it later in life. What drew me was the passion to serve God, the freedom to worship, and the moving of the Holy Spirit. I had no idea at the time what was going on but I felt something that I had not felt in all the years that I had been going to church. I saw God do things that I had never seen and I watch as people’s lives were transformed. Now I know, not everyone that came to the altar had a real experience with God, but the truth is today not everyone that comes to the altar has a real experience with God. Not everyone that came to Jesus had an experience. The thing is though I believe that we can embrace change without leaving the Spirit of God on the outside. As a matter of fact I find that the Holy Spirit is the creative power of God and therefore He can not only embrace change but that He can lead change within a church. There is nothing wrong with changing the way we do things within the church but we can not embrace change without power. Change without power is compromising and though it may bring a large crowd it can not bring with it the plan of God. When the Holy Spirit operates within our church He brings with Him a power that allows us to walk with God and allows us to operate throughout the week with God. 

  I say in this day that we live we need more of the Holy Spirit and not least. This week God sent a message to South Decatur that God was about to move in a mighty way. This revelation was about the Spirit of God that is felt so strongly within our church. I pray that we never get to where we think we are to cool for the Holy Spirit.


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