This is an issue that has been on my heart for the last couple of weeks. I email my staff and volunteers about it last week, and then talked about it during our Bases o Ministry Sunday Life Class Sunday morning. The issue is growing weary doing the work of God. Paul tells us in Galatians 6:9 ” And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we will reap if we do not lose heart”. The key to the verse is that we will reap if we just stay the course. The enemy is doing everything that he can to cause the people of God to give up on what God has called them to do. And many people that has sown the seed and watered the seed give up just before the harvest is ready to come in because they have grown weary because of the attack that has be waged against them. We have to understand that if we are doing the will of  God then we are going to be attack by the enemy. The more we are walking in obedient anointing then more of a threat we are to the enemies kingdom. Therefore we must do all that we can go guard ourselves against burning out. Less we do ministry and fall ourselves. There are some things that I think we can do to help us continue to stand even in the mist of the attack and continue to be productive for the kingdom. 

1. Make Time to be alone with God 

It is easy to get so busy even doing ministry that you fail to take the time to grow in your personal relationship with the Lord. You have to take time to pray, study your bible, and not just for the ministry that you are doing but for personal spiritual growth. 

2. Set under good Ministry 

You can not alway pour out and never take anything in, if you do then it will leave you empty. You need to seat under ministry and get a word for yourself. If you are involved in ministry then the Bible tells you “that more is required from you, because more has been given to you”. That means that you will have to attend a extra service during the week so that you can be ministers to. I believe that every person should be apart of a least one worship service and one Life Group each week. 

3. See the Attack for what it is 

So many times when we begin to grow weary we begin to take things to personally. We get our feelings hurt or we get angry. The truth is that the attack is no different than it was when we first started, but the difference is we have gotten tired and now we make it personal. We have to realize that the attack is coming from the enemy and we have to do all we can to stand. It is not flesh and blood we are fighting but it is powers of darkness. 

4. If you take a break make it short and scheduled.

There are times when you need a break but make sure that you have a scheduled time that you will return. Take a week or two and then come back with a fresh outlook on the ministry. Don’t say I need a break and I will come back when I feel I can because the enemy will make sure you never can. Set a time limit on how long you will be away. 

5. Build and become part of a Team 

So many times people become territorial about ministry. They won’t bring anyone in because they are afraid that they are going to take over, but you have to be willing to work with people. By building a team you have people that you can depend on when you need to. One person can set a thousand demons to flight but two can set ten thousand to flight. Team ministry is best for you and the ministry. 

 God is moving so mightily within our church and we can not afford to lose anyone. So make sure that you are taking care of yourself.


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