Hey everyone! Sunday night God really moved in our service and gave us a word that was both uplifting and challenging. There is no doubt that God is moving and is ready to do something great here at South Decatur. He is creating a Life Giving Church within us. Now you might be asking what is a Life Giving Church? Well there are three things that make up a Life Giving Church. 


 It is impossible to be a Life Giving Church if you are not connected to three things.

Connected to Jesus 

Jesus tells us in John 10:10 “but I came to give you life, and life more abundantly”. We can not be a Life Giving Church until first we are connected to the life giver, Jesus. All that we do as a church has to be Christ center. From our worship to the way in which we live everyday has to have Jesus at the forefront. We must make sure that in everything that we do, He is being lifted up and if He is then He has promised that He will draw all men to Him. 

 Connected to the Holy Spirit

Jesus said “The Spirit bring Life” and if we are going to deliver that life to the world then we must have the Holy Spirit operating within our lives. Without the Holy Spirit leading us and guiding us it is impossible for us to be able to function the way that God has called us to. The Holy Spirit gives us the power to do the will of God. The world needs to see that the Holy Spirit is leading the church and they need to see the manifestations of the Spirit in all that we do. For if the Holy Spirit is allowed to have freedom within the church then He will draw people Jesus and He will change their lives. 

Connected through Prayer  

Everything that we do has to be covered in prayer. Prayer is the lifeline that we have with God and through prayer God reveals to us what He had called us to do. Prayer is the key to the anointing and without prayer then we can not be successful in the things of God. 


The church has to become a community of believers that is set on fulfilling the plan of God for our lives but individually and corporately. In any church there are many differences, and the enemy does everything that he can to divide us through these differences. Whether it is through generational differences, through social differences, through race, or any other he works to tear us apart. The truth is that we are a community because of the commonality that we have with one another and that is that we are all working for the kingdom of heaven. We must embrace what we have in common and we must realize to be successful for God we need everyone. Our community is a cross culture community. Those that lead in our community are those that serve, and the greatest is the least. This way of living goes against everything we are taught in our society. We are to love one another, this is the trademark of our community, and it is how the world knows that there is something different about us. 


The last thing that we must have if we are going to be a Life Giving Church is that we must work to contextualize. Every church has to face the issue of being able to take an unchangeable gospel and present it to an ever changing world. This is a challenge because though the message has and will never change, our society is changing every day. The methods of presenting the gospel have changed over the years and must continue to change if we are going to be effect. As a church we have to be willing to change the way we think if we are going to be successful in the work of the kingdom. We can’t do the same old thing and expect it to work. As leaders in the church we have to be willing to think outside the box and at times just get rid of the box all together. So many times we want to live within our comfort zone but if we are going to be effective for Christ then we have to step out and do something we have never done before to bring people to Christ. I heard a preacher say something that I have since said to South Decatur and that is “we will do anything short of sin to win people to Jesus”. What ever it takes we want to bring Life to those around us. 

God is calling us to be a Life Giving Church, and as we go about doing the business of God then He is going to bless us abundantly. 


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