Have you ever notice that people that cry for tolerance the most are the most in-tolerant people? Well, in church that seems to be the case anyhow. There are a lot of great things happening in the kingdom in 2009, new methods and ways in which people are being reach to the kingdom of God. Many have found new ways to do church and though there are some that I wouldn’t do I am all for doing whatever it takes to win people to Jesus. At South Decatur we say that we will do anything short of sin to win someone to Jesus. With that said, many people that are doing and trying new things, who have been telling the church that they should be more tolerant are the ones that are showing in-tolerance. I mean just because every church doesn’t change to a new format or, different worship style doesn’t mean that the church is dying. There are some churches that are traditional and they are reaching people for Jesus and ministering to the ones that are there. There are churches such as South Decatur that are more middle of the road in our style. We tried to be all things to all men, and give different ways in which one can experience God. Then there are those that are very non-traditional in they approach. The truth is there is room for ever style church and one style should not put down or look down on any other style. God wants us to reach people and how ever we have to do that then we should be willing. Just my thoughts for today.


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