In Genesis 1:3 God says “Let there be Light” now anyone that has studied the bible knows that verse and has read it many times. Have you ever thought of what kind of light that was. You see verse 3 takes place on day one of creation but the sun, moon, and stars were not created until day four of creation. Which means that for three days creation operated in the divine light of God. Now what does that have to do with us today? Well, to understand the vision that God has for our lives is much like that divine light. Vision can not be seen nor understood in the natural or created light. We can not understand all the things that God wants to show us in our own self but have to have the light of God to show us what He had for us. Vision is a divine move within us to show us those things that God wants for us to to. In order to go to new levels in God have to see what God has for us because only God can move us to the next level, we in ourself do not have the power to do it on our own. Each time we go to a new level it requires change on our part and for many of us the only way to bring about change is for God to empower us to do so. But very few of us are willing to change for no reason, it is then that vision steps in and shows us the need for change that the results of change.

Walking in the divine light of God allows us to walk in the vision of God and it allows us to accomplish the things that God has for us. We find our purpose in the divine light of God and we see what it is that He longs for us to see. We need to walk in the divine light of God’s glory.


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