Religion tends to place the power of God either in the future, “I’ll fly Away” or in the past “Give me that Old Time Religion, but the trouble is that neither of those things help me with the right now. Don’t get me wrong I thank God of what He has done in our past and the power that we felt back then. Without that we could not have gotten to where we are now. And I thank God for Heaven where we are going and the hope that it brings to my life. But there are times when trouble comes into my life that I can’t remember yesterday nor can I see tomorrow. What do I do then? How do I survive today?

The Bible tells us that God is not just a God of the past nor is He a God only in our future but that God “is a present help in times of trouble”. In other words God is a God of the now. We for far to long in the church have always looked at God in past or future tense. Thinking just wait til next year, God is going to bless me. Just wait till I get this new job, or wait till I get married. But the truth is that God doesn’t need conditions to a miracle in your life. God is ready to do it right now. There is power for your life today, and you don’t have to wait until everything is just right for God to move. We in the church have wasted years saying that we are waiting on the Lord, when the truth of the matter is that God is waiting on us. Waiting on us to do what He has called us to in the first place. Waiting on us to go after what He has promised would be ours.

Today you need to take charge and realize that God has given you the power to receive the vision that He has given to you. If you would like to learn more about the Now Moment then check out the sermon on the sermon page of God bless you, Your moment is Now.


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