The term became famous due to a movie about men that did not want to move out of their parents house, but the statement came from the fact that a rocket that was on the launch pad and ready to be launched for some reason was not. Think about all that work that went on to make the launch go forth, millions of man-hours just lost because of something that was not right. All the money that was invested and all the people just waiting for that moment when the rocket would fire and the flight would begin only to have the disappointment of having to stop because of some problem. Many times the problem is a small thing compared to the over all project. To hear those words “Failure to Launch” has to be a terrible feeling.

I was thinking about that and begin to see that the same thing happens to many churches. The people of the church work and they put all their effort in making the church the best that they can. They give in money and in time and they do anything and everything to make sure that the church is moving forward. The church begins to be moved to the launching pad. Everything is ready and then all of the sudden a small problem comes and all that work, all that money, all that effort, falls a part. All the plans that God has for the church has to be put on hold until the issue can be worked out. This has happen to many churches over the years and should be a warning to any church that has a heart and a vision to grow.

At South Decatur we are seeing God do great and mighty things in the church. People lives are being changed and our church is moving forward. There is no doubt that God has great plans for our congregation but we have to be aware that the enemy is out there to “kill, steal, and destroy”. We can’t allow anything to separate us from God, His vision, or each other. We have to guard ourselves against the attacks of the enemy. Getting to the launching pad is a great accomplishment but it is only the first in many steps that God has for us. The will of God is to see His church grow and move forward in every way. So we have to be aware and make sure that we don’t allow the “small foxes to spoil the vines”. If you would take the time to pray for your church and examine yourself and see where you stand.


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