For many church 200 would seem to be a small number, but it is just the next step here at South Decatur. In the last few months we have seen the completion of a brand New Life Center that house all kinds of new ministry. We have seen great growth in our SPARC student ministry. God has sent us people that have begun new ministries here at the church. This month we kicked off a brand new Royal Rangers Outpost (Boys Ministry), and a Missionattes Club(Girls Ministry). We have completely remodeled our Kid’s Church and created a fun atmosphere for the kids to grow in. We have remodeled and doubled the size of our Nursery so that we now have an infant and toddler nursery. We are now turning out attention to the Sanctuary, Sanctuary rest rooms, and building more handicap accessible ways to enter the church.

With all this we now believe that we are not prepare to reap the harvest that God has for us. I started by stating that for some 200 may seem to be a small number but for South Decatur it is the next step in achieving the goals that God has set for us. We want to begin to push this thought into the hearts and minds of all those that attend South Decatur. Operation 200 is about moving forward and filling every empty sit that we can. Though it is true that our current Sanctuary can seat over 200 we fell that by working to achieve this God will bless us with a more abundant harvest. If each person that calls South Decatur home would commit to bringing people into the church we could see this dream become a reality. Operation 200 is set just before Easter because we believe that Easter Sunday can be the start of us breaking this threshold. Our goal is to average 200 people in Morning worship and so we are doing all that we can to achieve that task. So this week invite someone to the house of God.  You can make this dream come true.


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