In Exodus 3 we read the story of Moses accenting to the top of the mountain where he finds a bush that is burning but not consumed. Through the manifestation God speaks to Moses where he give him the instruction for his destiny. After hearing what God had to say Moses inquired of what name would he give to the people when they asked. God said to Moses “I AM THAT I AM”. This is the first time that God had revealed this much of Himself to humanity. It was a new beginning in the history of God’s people. There was a revelation of who God was and a manifestation that was seen by Moses.

When I read this I beginning to realize that many times we as Christian seem to get stuck on our journey. Many times there are people that seem to go through the same problems over and over again. They get delivered out of the problem and then the next thing you know there are right back in the middle of it again. I start thinking about why that was and I think that God gave me a few things that I would like to share.


God delivers those that have been chosen, He does not deliver and then chose but the other way around. God delivered Israel because they were chosen. When we have a relationship with Jesus there is no problem that God will not come in and deliver us from if we call on Him. He is there ready to bring us out of all trouble. No weapon can be formed against us because we are the chosen people of God.


The reason why people seem to always be on a marry-go-round is because they stop seeking to know God. If there is going to be a new beginning then there must first be a revelation of God. Moses and the Israelite received a new beginning because Moses had received a new revelation of who God was. When a person comes to the place where they think that they have all they need then become stuck and unable to move. They experience the same trouble over and over, but when the seek God they find Him and by finding Him they are moved into a whole new place. Revelation bring manifestation and that moves us to new levels in God. Because when revelation comes new beginning and the end of something. Revelation brings to an end the level that we were on and propels us to new heights in God. Only when we seek Him. He said “Seek and you will find” God is wanting us to find Him. He is looking for those that are hungry so that He might show Himself mighty to them. God wants more than anything to reveal Himself to humanity. When we seek for revelation we will find it and it is then that we can move to new levels in God.

As a Christian we should long to see God in news ways every day. Though it is true that we can not see Him as He is down here, we can seek to see Him. We can pray for Him to reveal Himself to us. That is what He longs to do and when we do that it will cause us to move to new levels in our walk with God.


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