In Romans Paul begins by talking to us about the Doctrine of Condemnation. He takes what would seem a spiritual shotgun and points one barrel in chapter one to the Gentiles and begins to show the sin that is there, and then before the Jewish reader can get comfortable he points the other barrel at them in chapter two. By the time that Paul gets to chapter three he has come to a conclusion “that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God”. Now if Paul would have stop there then all he would have done is what the law did, and that is show us where we all have failed, but Paul did not stop there he went farther. In chapter four Paul introduces us to the Doctrine of Justification and show us that through faith we can come to know God through Jesus.

Now it is here that Paul does something that is very interesting. He begins by talking about Abraham the father of faith as he calls him and that makes scents because of the faith and obedience that Abraham had in God. So much so that it was counted as righteousness to him. But then Paul bring David into the discussion. I mean why bring David? Because the truth is that when talking about Justification there is no better example than David. There is no one in the bible that demonstrates to us the two sides of man than David. David shows us the sides of faith and flesh and how God deal with them. David shows us that a man can be after God own heart. Now many believe that this refers to how David worshiped and praised God but I believe that God was referring to the fact that David was merciful and forgiven to people. I mean remember it was David that would not kill Saul even though Saul had been trying to kill him. It was David that would not allow the solider to kill Naple even though he was cursing the king. David was forgiven and merciful to people. That was the faith side, the Godly side of David. But then there was the side of David that look over a balcony and saw Bathsheba bathing and called her to him. Now you have to remember that David was king and because he was king Bathsheba could not refuse the king’s request. After sleeping with her, she became pregnant and now David is in a mess. Now what does this man that has been described a man after God’s own heart, do? He brings her husband Uriah in and believes that he will go into his wife and all will be covered up. But Uriah a loyal man says “I can’t go into my house and be with my wife, when my men are out there in the field” and he sleeps on the porch. So what does the King Do? He has him killed. D

Now this is the same man that spared the life of the man that was trying to kill him, and here he kills a man for being loyal to him. In David we see the two sides of David, the faith and the flesh. The truth is that we all have a war that is going on inside of us all the time, and there are none of us that are exempt from falling into a mess if we are not very careful. In the spirit we have the power through faith to reach high and be anointed to do great things, and yet we are still tempted in the flesh. The truth is when God saved us He did not remove us from the flesh and we still have to fight the desires of the flesh. That is when we can walk in the anointing one minute and be fighting the flesh the next minute. We can be on the mountain top in the spirit one minute, and fighting temptation the very next. Crying out to God to help us before we make a mistake that takes us 15 minutes to get into and 15 years to get out of. Because the truth is there are No Perfect People.

Now here is the good news. God can handle sin. If there is anything that the Bible teaches us it is that God can handle sin. Many times the church has a problem handling sin. I mean the church has become the one place where you can’t stand up and say I have made a mistake, without being scorned. But God can handle sin, and we the church should be a place where people can come and find forgiveness and restoration for the things that they have done. Because the truth is that there are NO PERFECT PEOPLE and we all have struggles and we all have fights that we are fighting everyday. Every person that you see in the church is struggling with something. If there is no struggle then that means that you aren’t saved. Because if you are saved then you are going to have to fight. When I was living in sin there was no struggle, I just did what the flesh wanted to do, but when I began to walk by faith that is where the struggle began. All of the sudden there was a war between my faith and my flesh. We all have our struggles and only by the grace of God can we make it. So the next time you are going through something just remember that we all go through something and if we can make it, then you can make it.


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