In the PM service I preached out of Matthew 21 where Jesus goes into the temple and the children are there praising Him. The priest become angry and ask Jesus to rebuke the children for what they are saying and the way in which they are expressing themselves. Jesus replies that God uses children to show what true praise is all about.

So many times adults in the church complain or ask why don’t the youth worship God the way we did when we were there age and the truth is that if they are not then it is our fault. We have failed to show them how to praise and worship the Lord. As adults we have to understand that our children and the children of the church are going to follow our example and if they are not worshiping then maybe it is because they don’t see it happening in the church. In our society we have so many things pulling us in every direction. If we are not careful as parents we can give the wrong picture to our children of what is important and what is not. I mean we would never allow our children to miss a practice for the ball team or for some other event, but yet parents allow their children to miss church all the time. What is that saying? It is telling them that church is not that important.

As adults we are the example that our kids have to go by and we are not committed, faithful, and excited about the house of God why should they be. No wonder that we are losing generations of young people. We have failed to show them the imp0rtance of serving God, and the joy of serving the Lord. They need to hear us praise and not complain, they need to hear us celebrate and gossip, they need to hear us pray and not panic. When they do then they will follow and they will worship like these kids did in Matthew.


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