Today many churches have a problem. The problem is one that the church has faced for years, but seems to be even more prevalent in the modern church. The problem is finding volunteers to do the work of the ministry. More specifically finding qualified volunteers to do kids ministry. Now I know this is not a new problem, but one that the church has struggled with for years. Whether it is teaching Sunday School, Wednesday night classes, and do not even get me started on the nursery, which everyone seems to run from. Yet it is a need that the church has and these are vital to the churches success.

Think about this some study show that over 70% of people saved, were saved before the age of 13. Which means that kids ministry is the most vital ministry in the church today. The truth is if the church does not reach a child by the time they are 18 most of them leave the church never to return. We wonder why the church is a state of decline and why we do not seem to be winning people to Jesus. The reason is that many churches have failed to put importance on kid’s ministry.

Unfortunately, many people in the church see kid’s ministry as a babysitting service or a course that one has to get done. Churches have to pay outsiders to come in and keep nursery on Sunday’s because no one in the church sees this is an important ministry. Churches have to abandon Sunday School because they have no one to fill the roles of teachers in the kid’s areas. I have told you the statics of why kid’s ministry is important but let me share a personal story of why it is important.

I have always been in church, ever since I was a baby my family has been involved in church, but it was not always like that. When my father was a child the Rhodes family and church was not something mentioned in the same breath. As a matter of fact, you could say that my family was as far away from church as a family could be. They had no Christian roots and no one thought much about it. My father and his four brothers and one sister had no Christina influences in their life. After moving into a little house in Phenix City when my father was between 5 & 6 my grandmother decided that the three youngest children needed some church. No one really knows why she made this decision; it could have been because a person from the little Baptist church up the street invited them. Whatever the case my grandmother sent my father (the youngest), his sister (one year older) and my uncle (one year older than her) to church. They had to walk and so they did every Sunday morning they would walk to the little church and they would stay for Sunday School and then they would walk back home. My father remembers wanting to go to church so bad and looking forward to it every week. Now it was not because of the lessons or how well the teacher could engage with the kids. He did not want to go to see his friends. No, he wanted to go because every week the teacher would have cookies and Kool-Aid. You see my father came from a very poor family and the only time they ever got cookies and Kool-Aid was during that hour of Sunday School. So every week rain or shine they would go and get their cookies and Kool-Aid and at the same time unknowing to them they would be taught the Word of God by a teacher that was dedicated to sharing the Gospel with Children.

Now my dad does not remember the ladies name but he does remember things that she taught them and he remembered that every week without fail she brought Kool-aid and cookies to class. My father’s family would move from that area and he quit going to church but the lessons that they learned worked in those little hearts. You see the thing is that it was not until they were young adults that they come to the Lord. When you talked about the Rhodes family then it was about how far they were from the church and from God. Today when you talk about the Rhodes family it is much different. You see all three of those little children gave their lives to Jesus. My Dad has been a leader in the church for over 45 years. His sister is the Pastor of a church in Phenix City and has preached the gospel for over 45 years. His brother has preached all over the world and started when he was sixteen. He has been a Pastor for over 40 years. Though his minister my father, my aunt, and my grandmother came to know the Lord. My father’s other two brothers gave their hearts to the lord.  Of the three children that walked to that church three of us are pastors, another is a worship leader, and another is a children’s church pastor. I myself am married to a preacher and worship leader, my son is a worship leader and preacher, and both my girls are saved and in the church. In our family, we have five pastor’s, ten preachers, four worship leaders, to kids church leaders, and over thirty that have given their lives to Jesus. And it all started with a dedicated lady gave cookies, Kool-aid and the gospel to three poor kids.

I believe one day in heaven those three are going to be introduced to a humble Kids Sunday School teacher and behind the three their will be a line of family, and people that God has allowed them to win, and God is going to share with her, because of you dedication this is what I did with it. Never underestimate the power of God and what He can through your faithfulness. And it all started with Cookies and Kool-Aide


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