Commitment is a word that seems to have lost some of its meaning in today’s culture. I mean it seems that we have traded it for excuses to why we cannot do something or why we cannot stick with something. Today we teach our kids that if something happens and things get tough to run away rather than teaching them to stand up and stick it out. People leave jobs every time the boss hurts their feelings or if the work is just too hard. People leave marriages because it does not feel like Disney land anymore and then convince themselves that they have a right to do so because they have a right to be happy and yet they never have peace and joy. The real problem with commitment is that it has come into the church house. Too many people in the church in our society have an attitude that the church was created for them and they are the consumer and the church and the staff are the vendors that are supposed to make them happy. But is that what church is supposed to be?

You see the church that I read about in Acts is a far cry from what we are looking at here in the United States. I mean the church that I read about in Acts was made up of believers that gave everything for the causes of promoting the gospel. These were men and women that left their homes, their families, and their lifestyle to go into the all the world and preach the gospel to all people. They were committed. So much so that many of them lost their lives for the work of the kingdom. Now before you say but that was in the bible days, today all over the world men and women are dying because they will not deny Christ. In Iraq, men are being killed for being Christian and women are being sold into slavery because of their faith. So committed to Christ that even in the face of death they will not deny they relationship that they have with the Savior. In China today over 3000 people a day are coming to Jesus even when it is illegal to be a Christian in China. Many of them face going to prison or being killed and yet they are coming to Jesus by the thousands every day. In Pakistan, upon conversion, a new believer is asked to write down all the people they know that do not know Jesus. Then they are asked which are the ten names that are most likely not to turn you in if you witness to them, and then they are told to go and share the gospel with them even though they face death if they are caught. This is what commitment looks like.

You see being a Christian is more than to just believe that Jesus is the Son of God. I mean let’s get real even the devil believes that. NO! Being a Christian is about have a life that is transformed. Paul said in Romans 12:2 “Be not conformed to this world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”. That means that our life has to change upon receiving Christ and one of the major things that change is that we become committed to the cause of Christ. That means that our life has to change and that change has to be noticeable. Being is a Christian is more than putting bible scripture on your Facebook wall or twitting out some quote from a famous preacher. Being a Christ is more than just going to church on Sunday morning when you have nothing else to do. Being a Christian is about a change, being a Christian is about being committed to Christ and let’s be honest that is something that our society has lost. I watch as the church after church has quit having Sunday night worship because they just can’t get anyone to show up. And Sunday School that is a thing of the past and can even be fighting words for some people. One of the major problems that church leaders have today is getting people to show up, even those in positions. Music ministers getting a band and choir members to come and practice something that they are doing for the one they call King of Kings. Pastor getting people to show up for Sunday worship and be committed and getting involved in the work of the kingdom is becoming harder and harder. Is that what being a Christian in 2014 is all about? So many people have the attitude that if nothing else is going on in my life then I will give God everything, but if there is a chance I can go and have fun then He will have to wait?

Have you ever wondered why are so many Christians around the world dying for their faith why we sit in comfort? Now you could say it is because our founding fathers drew up a constitution and though I would agree with that, I think there is a deeper root to the whole thing. I believe that some are committed but quite frankly as a whole, we are not. We have turned the church into a consumer religious retailer, where if it doesn’t meet my need I will move on. Many are committed as long as everything is going their way and as long as there is nothing else going on in their life. You see the devil doesn’t have to kill us to break our commitment all he has to do is help us plan a lake trip, or make sure a ball game is happening somewhere. He doesn’t have to send men with guns to keep us from going to church, all he has to do is send a man with a kids ball tournament schedule and that will do it. Come on now let’s just lay it all out on the table, we teach our children to be committed to the team and will not let them miss one practice, but when it comes to sending them to youth camp, church youth trips, or even church we let them decide. I mean you will hold them out of the church to play ball when the truth is they are far more likely to have a chance to be the next Billy Graham than the next Derek Jeter. And when all is said and done on the Day of Judgment ball trophies are not accepted in heaven.

Where is our commitment and what are we committed to? You hear in church all the time that we need a revival in our land and that is true but not the kind of revival that some people think of. More than a revival that just makes us shout and dance we need a revival that makes us repent and commit. You see in 2 Chronicles King Solomon, who is the wisest man to ever live, has just completed the temple and he is praying at the dedication, that if the people fall away from God, that if they return to this temple and pray that God will hear them. In 2 Chronicles 7:14 God answers Solomon with this “If my people which are called by my name, will humble themselves, and pray, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven and I will heal their land”. God lets us know that revival follows submission, humility, and repentance. When we do those things then God hears our prayers and “His eyes shall see and His ears shall be open to us”. We need a revival that will bring us into a deeper commitment to God.

Today if you are committed to God then ask God for a deeper commitment and a deeper relationship with Him. If today you are not committed or you have lost some of your commitment to God then please submit, humble yourself and repent because Jesus is coming and He is only taking those that are committed to Him.


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