I have found that many times we fail to praise God over things that seem small to us but I do believe that if we praise God in the small things that God will do the greater things in our lives. For me, this happened this week. I am the type person that hardly ever gets sick. Call it genes, luck, being blessed or whatever else I just do not get sick very often, but from time to time it does happen. Sunday was that time. After Tribal group Sunday night I became very sick. All day Monday I felt awful and could hardly go. After driving a bus that morning I told my staff that I was going home for the day and I did. I went home and went to bed and slept all day. Around two o’clock that evening I had to go back and drive the evening route and after I was finished, still feeling bad, I decided to stay in town for prayer. Now the truth is that I really wanted to go home but I have been preaching how important it is for the church to come together and pray and so I decided to be an example and come to prayer. I had already decided that the next morning I was going to go to the doctor and get fixed up.

As we began to worship and praise God I felt the sweet moving of the Holy Spirit in the room and all of the sudden I just felt the Lord move over me. As the service was concluding those in attendance gathered around me and prayed for me and before I knew it I was feeling so much better. I went home and ate and went on to bed early and when I woke the next morning I was feeling great. There is no doubt that God had healed me completely.

How many times do we fail to miss out on a miracle that God has for us? How many times do we fail to allow God the opportunity to do something incredible in our life? Now do not get me wrong I am not saying that I am so spiritual, after all, I was about to go home but something told me to go to prayer. I believe that there is nothing that we go through in life that God is not concerned about. From the major issues in life to those small things that worry us so, and I believe that God longs to show Himself to us and to minister miracles in our lives but we just fail to give Him the opportunity. After all, it is easier to go to the doctor and get a shot than it is to have faith and believe in God. I am not saying that we should never go to the doctor, I believe they have an important place and most do a great job. No way I am saying is that maybe we should give God a chance to do something in our lives first. For most people, the feeling that I had was no big deal but for a person like myself that is all ways on the move, it was something of a very big inconvenience. So I want to take the time to give God praise and to let you know that He is still a healing Jesus.

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