As we come upon the Easter season, I am all way filled with excitement. Easter is a time of life, resurrection, where things that seem to have been lost are now brought back to life, or that is how it looks to me. I was thinking this morning of how it must have been for Jesus as He journey for the last time to Jerusalem from Galilee. Today you can travel by car from Galilee, in the northern part of Israel, to Jerusalem, in the southern part of Israel, in a few hours. In Jesus’ time, the journey took over a week and was primarily made by walking. He would have been traveling with His disciples, and more than likely, a caravan of people headed to Jerusalem for Passover. We know that this was not the first time that Jesus had made this trip for Passover, the Bible gives us at least three more, and there were probably many more that took place over His lifetime, but this one was different. Jesus would have known that this was the last time that He would make this journey as He was. He knew that going to Jerusalem meant His time had come to an end.

As I think about this week of traveling, I begin to wonder what Jesus might have been thinking. Now Matthew 19 shares with us some of the teaching that Jesus did along the way as people were coming up to Him and asking Him questions. And even though Matthew gives us a glimpse of His teaching, I wonder what was going through His mind. I believe that He knows the fate that is before Him, and He has determined in His mind that He will give His life for all humanity. Jesus knows that He will be crucified and that there will not be a return trip to Galilee as before. So, He knows what is going to happen, but what about all the uncertainty that Jesus may have faced. I mean, were their things that Jesus did not know about the trip that He was taking and all the details that would transpire along the way. Remember that though Jesus is God, He was operating in the veil of flesh. What did Jesus think about all the things that would happen as he travels from Galilee to Jerusalem?

When I thought of this, I thought about all the times in our journey that we face uncertain times, when we go through things without genuinely knowing all the details that face us as we go. So how do you deal with the uncertainty of life, the not knowing? Well, I think you have to know what Jesus knew. You see, there may have been uncertainty as Jesus was on that final journey to Jerusalem, but the thing Jesus knew is that He was in the will of the Father. He knew what He was doing was the plan that the Father had for His life. You see, the uncertainty is not overwhelming when you know for certain that God has you in His hands. Jesus knew the destiny for His life, and he was aware of the price that had to be paid. He was in touch with the Father, and so He knew the plan that God has for His life, which enabled Him to face anything.

Though we live in uncertain times, we can know for certain that God has a plan for our lives, and if we know that plan, then we can make any journey and face any obstacle that may come in our path. There may have been some uncertainty with Jesus, and He may have felt overwhelmed at times along the journey, but the truth of it all is that He knew there was a plan, and He trusted that the Father would see Him through it no matter what He faced. The same is true for you and me today. No matter what we face, Jesus will see us through if we have trust in Him.

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