Throughout the years, the church has faced the same situations, crises, pandemics, and disasters. The first-century church dealt with the persecution that became so severe that Christians were thrown into the Roman arena to be eaten by lions. At one point, Caesar has so many Christians crucified that they ran out of trees in the area and started nailing them to the city walls. My point is, the church, in the face of all of this, has not only survived, but it has thrived. The church has stood through everything history has thrown at it and continued to do the kingdom’s work and bring people to Jesus. Hard times did not stop the church’s work, but actually, it caused the church to multiple. In Acts, when persecution came to the church in Jerusalem, it caused them to go out into the world and spread the gospel. During wartime, it was the church that offered stability and encouragement. The church was at the forefront no matter what the situation that people face, and the church was the beacon of hope in the darkness.

So, where is the church now? During this darkest moment, when people are in search of hope and comfort, where is the church? I mean when we have the opportunity to share Jesus and show the world that He is the answer to the pandemic that we are facing. When we know that He can do excessing more than we could ever ask or hope for, how can we be silent? Where is the church? Where is the church of Smith Wigglesworth that saw the dead raised and people by the thousands healed? Where is the church of all the great revival that saw people come to know Jesus and have their life changed forever? Where is the church of great men and women of the past that prayed until God moved and things changed? Where is the church that healed the leapers, cast out demons, and healed the sick? I am afraid that while others have been using this time of chaos to promote their agendas and ideology, the church has been in hiding. Like 1 Kings, we have been prophets hiding in the cave while Elijah is risking his life. We have allowed a few to keep the fight going, but many have retreated into the safety of the four walls of the church. And the church has made little to no impact on the world around them. In this time when the church could be advancing the kingdom, we have more pastored worried about just getting the Christians to come back to church. Ministry seems to be spending more time worrying about convincing people to come back to church than sharing the gospel message to the lost people. Somewhere along the way, we have lost our passion, our courage, and our faith.

Yes, I said our faith. We sing about it, preach about it, and teach on it, but we see very few that operate out of faith. Now know that all Christians are given a measure of faith; if not, we could not be saved. As Christians, we are supposed to allow our faith to grow through Bible study, teaching, and preaching (which means you need to be in church). That is not the faith I am talking about. You see in 1 Corinthians 10:9, Paul says that some have been given the gift of faith. This is a supernatural faith that allows you to not only believe that God can do anything but for you to believe God is doing anything. This faith causes you to not worry about all that is out of your control because you know everything is in His control. This faith is what all Wigglesworth, Moody, Graham, Allen, and etc. to do great miracles. Today, the church and the world have been operating under a supernatural spirit of fear, and it is time that the church makes a stand and begins to allow faith to take control. We need a supernatural faith to arise within the church and tear down the strongholds that are holding us back. The church has to show up in the public arena, declare the gospel of Jesus Christ, and let the world know that Jesus is the hope that they have been looking for. It is time for the church to once again make a stand and believe God for the impossible through faith.

So if you are a part of the church, let me encourage you to build up your most holy faith, and ask God for a supernatural faith, and let’s see Jesus change our community. WE ARE THE CHURCH!

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