I had a conversation today, and afterward, I was drawn to read Matthew 6, in which Jesus is talking to us about how we are to act when we give to those in need. Now in our social media world of today, most people seem to post their entire life online. I mean, everything they do, they take a selfie of it and put it out there for the world to see. So, any good deed that we do has to be posted, or we are afraid that people want to know that we did anything good. We have become a society that seems to do good things so we can brag on ourselves for doing those things. A few months ago, I ran into someone, and they immediately began to share all the things they were doing for the church and how much they had been given to make this possible. They went on and on about their sacrifice and what they had put into the ministry. All I could think about as they talked was Matthew 6.

You see in the time of Jesus, the Pharisees and the wealthy would come to the temple and bring their offering for everyone to see. They would blow a trumpet and make a spectacle of all that they were doing, and they would let everyone know what they were given. The people would cheer and applaud the great gift that was being given, and the person would stand proud that they had given so much. Jesus sees this differently, and rather than celebrating them, He refers to them as hypocrites. Jesus goes on to inform His disciples that this is not the way that Christians should act, but rather we should not let it be known what we do or what we give. Jesus goes so far as to say that we should not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing for the kingdom. I think He was making a strong point. Jesus says if you give for the approval of men, then you have received your reward already. Now I do not know about you, but I would much rather be blessed by God than blessed by men.

Giving and sacrifice are a major part of our walk with God, and they are both important things that bring blessings into our lives. But they are not something that should be spoken of because the truth is that no matter what I give up for the kingdom, it is not enough; it will never be enough, compared to what He has given me. I have nothing to brag about and nothing to be proud of when it comes to what I have given. Because the truth is that all I have and all I am is His, I have really given Him very little, if anything. Yes, He blesses my given, but I must never see my giving as anything but the way it is, and that is worship to the one that has given me everything.

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