One of the issues we face today is that we have an all-out attack on masculinity. We have somehow concluded that being masculine is wrong, and society needs to change the very definition of a man. We have so many men even in the church who are not operating within God’s role within the family and the culture. In doing so, we are seeing a great disturbance in how communities act and operate. If we want to see culture change, then there must be a change in the church, and for that to happen, there must be a change in the family, and the family only changes when the man does.

If we want to define what a man must be, we need to understand Godly masculinity. Masculinity has nothing to do with being hard, strong, or spitting. Masculinity does not mean that you must be a hunter or love the outdoors. The truth is that having Godly masculinity is more about the man you are on the inside than the one you show on the outside. So, what does God say about being a Godly man? Well, first, a man must be the priest of his home.

Most all problems within society start in the home, and many start with the fact that the man is not the priest of his home. Even in the churchmen have allowed women to shoulder the burden of leading their household in spiritual matters. I mean, when Sunday morning rolls around in many houses, it is the woman that is getting up and getting the children ready for church and having to tell her husband to get out of the bed. What this does is paints a picture for the kids to see that mama has to make dad go to church. In turn, these plants a seed of influence, where going to church is unimportant. After all, dad is always up for work. He is the first up when going to a sporting event and up before daylight when going fishing. But when it comes to church, the wife has to beg him to get out of bed—sending the message that God is just not that important.
As the priest of the house, it is the father that should be up getting everyone out of bed. The father should be the one that is excited about going and worshipping God, and it is the family that should let every member of the family know that on Sundays, we go to church. Though men and women are equal, we are not the same, and it is supposed to be the man’s role in seeing that his family is in right standing with God. If there is going to be a change, then men must start taking an active role in the spiritual welfare of their families. We can no longer rely on our wives to decide on the spiritual commitment of our family.

We need men to become a priest and care about their family’s condition spiritually. So decide like Joshua did, “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

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