Hey! I am so glad that you stopped and looked at this page. Maybe it is because you are looking for a church? A place where you can feel the love of God. A place where you can feel the presence of God, and have the freedom to worship God. A place where you can learn, grow and build life-long relationships with others. Well, I have good news, there is a church just for you in the Decatur area, and the church is the South Decatur Church.

At SDC you will find that church that believes in building relationships and growing spiritually so that we can make an impact on the world for Christ. There is nothing greater than having a purpose in your life and fulfilling that purpose with other people. At SDC our goal is to help people find what it is that God wants for their life and giving them all the tools that they need to fulfill their purpose in life.

There are so many things that SDC offers and even more as we continue to grow and move forward in what God has for us. Go to our website www.southdecaturchurch.com and find out all about the ministries, events, and staff here at SDC.  Here are a few of the groups that we have and you can go to our group page on the church website or just hit this link (Life Groups) and find much more.

Men’s & Women’s Life Groups-Every Wednesday night at 6:30 PM we have these two groups and they are going strong. In this time we learn how to be better men and women of God. We believe by separating the genders during this group that we can be open and honest and build relationships that will help us be better spouses, parents, and Christians. These groups not only meet but they have activities outside the church as well.

Youth, and Kids-At SDC we believe that one of the most important things that we do is prepared our younger generation with the gospel. We have Revolution Youth worship experience every Wednesday night which is lead by our Full-Time Student Pastor Aron Benson and his wife Leah. They have a heart for young people and have been a great blessing to SDC. Our kid’s program is one of our favorite ministries. We work hard to create a safe, fun, and learning environment for the kids. From Kid’s Church, Jr. Kid’s church, Kid’s Church PM, on Sundays to Royal Rangers, and Missionettess on Wednesday there is always something going on for the kids.

Life Groups-On Sunday morning we have the coffee brewed and donuts ready for people to come and join a Sunday Life Group. There are micro-groups that meet for 4 to 8 weeks over a certain topic, training groups that meet for training in a certain ministry and learning groups that are constant.  These groups are out Kid’s Groups, Middle-Schoolers, Young Adults, Adults and Senior Adults. These groups start at 9:45 AM and they change each season.

Exciting Passionate Worship-One of the things that we love here at SDC is our worship experiences. If you want to come to a place where worship is taken seriously and done with excellence and passion then SDC is the place for you. We believe worship should be done with liberty and so you can join in and sing, clap, and raise your hands or you can just sit back and take it all in. All we ask is you worship the Lord with us. There is nothing like Pentecostal Worship. The church should be a joyful place and it should be exciting and that is what we strive to do every service.

Here at SDC, we want to create an environment that is liberating, loving, learning, and growing in our faith. Coming to church should leave you feeling the peace, joy, power, and life that is in Jesus. Our goal at SDC is to allow the Holy Spirit to create an atmosphere of all these things and so we invite you to come. Come give SDC a try and see what God can do in your life.