At SDC we have a simple but powerful vision that we live by:

“Leading People to become fully devoted followers of Christ”

This is the vision that we have but we understand that to accomplish this we must have a mission statement that drives us and we do. Our mission statement is three parts and it drives everything that we do here at SDC.

CONNECT– We believe that Jesus has called the church to be a place where people can connect to God and to others. Through an exciting, passionate worship service that gives people the opportunity to experience God through praise, prayer, and the preached word we can help people connect with God. We seek the glory of God every time that we come together in corporate worship and we want every person to have a true encounter with the Holy Spirit.

We also believe that the church has to do everything that it can to help people connect with one another. The church is a place of fellowship where people can make life-long friendships with other believers. We believe that being a follower of Christ comes through community and we work hard to make sure that our community of faith is strong. We have Tribal Groups (small groups) that meet every week, as well as Life Groups that meet Wednesday and Sunday. We encourage every person in our church to do life together and make connections with other believers in the church.

GROW- We believe that God has called us not only to be disciples but to help create disciples. The church should be a place where people can grow and mature in their faith and become productive for the Kingdom of God. We do everything that we can to offer classes, groups, and studies for people to develop their faith. As a Christian, we can never be content to stay where we are but we must continue to move forward in our faith. The church is a place where discipleship has to be at the forerun of what we do. At SDC we are all about making disciples and giving people the opportunity to use the gifts that God has given them as they grow in their faith.

MULTIPLY– We believe that God has called us to multiple and add people to the kingdom of God. God wants us to evangelize and win people to Jesus. The church has to work to make sure that we are sharing our faith with those in our community. Here at SDC we are all ways looking to add to our family and to add to every ministry. We want to multiply and build the kingdom of God larger than we have ever done before.

If you are looking for a place to belong and a place where you can find your purpose then come and see for yourself what is going on. We would love to have you as our guest anytime. You can go to the link below and check us out on facebook or check out our website for more information about us.


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