At SDC we have a simple but powerful vision that we live by:

“Leading People to become fully devoted followers of Christ”

We this is a vision that God has given us and we accomplish that vision through what we believe are the five purposes of our church, evangelism, worship, fellowship, discipleship, and service.

Evangelism is the key to church growth. The number one priority of the church is to win people to Jesus Christ by sharing the gospel with them. We believe at South Decatur that we can share the message in many ways so that we can reach many different groups of people. Through teaching, preaching, street ministry, drama, singing, children’s ministry, youth ministry, ladies ministry, men ministry, etc we can reach out to all men and give them the opportunity to know Jesus.

Worship is one of the exciting things that we do here at South Decatur. We have a wide variety of worship styles that show themselves in the weekend services. We believe that different people respond to worship in different ways and so we do all that we can to help each person experience God through worship. We believe and teach that worship is not a “SUNDAY THING” but it is a lifestyle that one has to have if we are going to enter into the presence of God.

Fellowship is one of the things that we love here at South Decatur. We believe fellowship is more than sharing a lunch with one another but that it is getting to know one another. Building relationships and lifelong friendships are something that happens at South Decatur all the time. We strive to make sure that every person feels welcome from the moment they pull up on the grounds. We also believe that life is better when it is done together. We have Care Groups that meet every month and these groups are all about having fun together. We think that church should make us better in every part of our life and that includes having a good time.

Discipleship is an important part of maintaining a healthy church and we believe this is something that the church must do and do well. I believe that discipleship is done in smaller settings and so the motto is “To get bigger we must get smaller”. We work hard to have life groups that are inviting, informative, and life-giving. Discipleship has become the heartbeat of the SDC and we are so excited about where God is leading us in this area of ministry.

Service is the final step in developing members of the church. We believe that every member has a calling and should be active in that calling. As a church, it is our goal to make sure that every member has the opportunity to use what God has given them to build the kingdom through ministry.



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