In our Wednesday night Man Church, we have been talking about purpose. The main purpose of every man who is a husband and a father is to be the spiritual leader of the home. Now any man that has been in church on Father’s Day knows that we get told this every year. We often do not know how to be spiritual leaders, and without that knowledge, we fail to achieve our purpose. So, let me give you some of the how when it comes to being the spiritual leader of your home.

Paul says in Ephesian 5:25, Husbands, love our wife, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it.

First, you must have a right relationship with Jesus. You will never know how to love if you are not committed to Christ. You cannot lead your family down a path you have never been on yourself.

Second, you must know as the spiritual leader of your family; it is not about you. Your purpose is to meet your family’s needs starting with your wife. We often see that we are to meet the needs of our kids, but the Bible tells us first to meet the needs of our wife. A spiritual leader gives up what we want to ensure they have what they need.

Third, being the spiritual leader is about living to Jesus’s standards for me and not living to my standards. I meet my wife’s needs not to please my wife, but I do it to please God and bring Him glory. That is my ultimate purpose, to bring glory to God. By doing this, I do what is right not because my family always appreciates it or even deserves it, but I do it to the standard set by God that I may bring Him glory.

Fourth, leadership is all about serving. God has called me to serve my family and make sure they have what they need physically, emotionally, and, more importantly, spiritually. Life is not about me, but it is about meeting my family’s needs, starting with my wife as a servant.

Guys, you are the spiritual thermostat in your home. As you go spiritual, so goes your family because you are the greatest spiritual influence your family has. I told the guys something I heard in Man Church, “If anyone is leading your family spiritually more than you, they are a better husband and father than you are.” The time is now for you to become the spiritual leader you are supposed to be.

You can click the link and listen to this teaching on our YouTube channel for more on this.

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